Experience the book being called
"Sheer, pure brilliance!"
- Amy, Audible.co.uk

In an amazing feat of the imagination, author Jason Faris has combined science fiction, quantum physics, spirituality, and the struggle of a tormented hero into a breathtaking thriller that's guaranteed to keep you mesmerized.

For Every Action carries us into a near-future filled with technology gone mad. The tale of a young prodigy who dares to lift the hood on the engine of God's creation... and is transformed against his will into something beyond understanding. An enigmatic figure who is then thrust into an apocalyptic battle against a rogue nation's army of nightmarish monsters.

Exciting and thought-provoking, For Every Action is a 21st century epic reminiscent of many of Science Fiction's greatest authors. Faris's extraordinary first novel stands as ideal marriage of the scientific and metaphysical wrapped around a breathtaking adventure that will keep you riveted until its shocking ending.

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