"I've been reading Science Fiction for over 45 years, and this author has really set the bar high!"

- Dan via Amazon
"Once you pick this up, beware - can't put it back down! Two thumbs up way up!"

- Roman via Amazon
"I had a blast reading this... I cannot wait to read more. "

- Eric via smashwords
"A page turner, that I read in a single sitting, and was left with a desire for more!"

- Stephen via smashwords
"Faris draws the reader quickly in to the story and barely lets up throughout."

- Stuart Anderson via The Fifth Dimension
"This is among the greatest science fiction writing that I have ever read.
I count it among Asimov, Heinlein, and Crichton."

- William via Amazon
"I could not put the book down and when I finish it at midnight I immediately started "Rise of the Embodied"
(and yeah , read it cover to cover)"

- Collin via Amazon
"The deeper you get into the series, the more frightening and entertaining they become.
I would recommend that you read them back to back"

- Nathan via Amazon
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eBook Series
For Every Action

They say knowledge is power, and what Jacob Saylor has learned may have made him the most powerful being in the universe...

As a gifted young prodigy, Jacob becomes convinced that he has discovered the mathematical key to all of creation hidden in the Bible. But when he runs away to the Middle East in search of the missing pieces he and his brother mysteriously disappear...

Years later they return but Jacob has become a broken soul, half mad, and neither of them can remember where they went or what happened to them. All they want is to live out the rest of their lives in the quiet little town they grew up in. But a terrifying new breed of cybernetic warriors calling themselves "The Embodied" declare war against America and an explosion collapses the bridge they are crossing. Jacob is horrified to see his beloved niece trying to crawl away from the wreckage on broken limbs - and something inside of him snaps.

In an act that stuns both himself and the world he reaches out and manipulates the very fabric of reality to save her, dealing a telling blow to The Embodied. But in doing so he unwittingly sets in motion a series of events that may put mankind on a collision course with Armageddon.

Rise of The Embodied

The Embodied

They’re not machines, cyborgs, demons, or monsters... They are all of those things and more. Spawned from a horrifying program of gruesome experimentation, they gave up their human bodies to walk the earth as living nightmares. Their clandestine missions claim thousands of lives, topple nations, and turn the course of world politics to favor their masters.

Then they were confronted by the one power they could not overcome - the Quantum Man… and the terrifying fury of his cybernetic daughter. That single encounter with the Saylors left them broken, humiliated, and deprived of a leader they once thought of as a God. But now they're back, and they've transcended biotechnology to become something so horrifying it's beyond human comprehension. All living tissues will obey their commands and they will use this power to unleash upon the earth a terrifying army of twisted abominations. The only thing standing between them and conrtol over all life on earth will be...

The Quantum Man.

So with the help of his friends from Valley Falls, a squadron of elite soldiers, and a daughter reborn as a living cybernetic weapons platform, Jacob will be tasked with putting a final stop to The Embodied. What happens next is a battle unlike anything the world has ever seen and Jacob's faith will be put to the test as he tries to save humanity from the most horrific fate imaginable.

In the end; some will fight, some will fall, and all will be forced to make choices that will affect their lives forever.

The Return of Heroes

Heroes are not born, or made... they are called

A secret war has been raging. On one side are those who seek to protect us from the dangers of unrestrained science, on the other - those who will stop at nothing to dominate the entire world.

For a while the evil was held at bay, but now the pendulum will swing and dark forces will gather. The world will look to their heroes, the Four Horsemen, for salvation but the Horsemen are already dead, having sacrificed themselves in the name of peace. Now the Saylors and their family of misfits from Valley Falls will find themselves pulled into the center of this war - and forced to make a terrible choice.

Will they answer the call and face humanity's darkest hour together or will they watch as a madman transforms their world into a living hell?

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